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This product provides exellent effect on fevers and pains,and therefore、has been prioritized to be used for more than 50 years.

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  • 3 packets in a box
    350 yen + consumption tax
  • 8 packets in a box
    700 yen + consumption tax
  • 16 packets in a box
    1300 yen + consumption tax

Antipyretic analgesic / Second-class pharmaceutical

The amounts of Ethenzamide (500 mg) and Acetaminophen (300 mg) so combined as to be the maximum standard amounts, respectively.

Further, the combined Allyl isopropyl acetyl urea not only provides the sedative action but also enhances the antipyretic analgesic effect.


(1) Analgesic action for headache ,toothache,pain after extraction,sore throat,aural pain, arthralgia,neuralgia,lumbago,muscular pain,pain due to stiff shoulders, pain from bruises,fractures and sprains,menstrual pain,traumatic pain

(2) Chill, Reduces fever

Dosage and Administraition (1 dose)

15 years and over : 1 packet at a time
7 years and over, less than 15 years : a half packet at a time

Take the above quantity twice a day maximum,avoiding on empty stomach if possible.

Take at intervals of more than 6 hours.

Ingredient and Composition or Chemical Entity:
Per one day dose (2 packets)







Anhydrous Caffeine


Excipient : Dibasic calsium phosphate hydrate, Talc, Light anhydrous silicic acid,
Calcium citrate, Colorant